Resort wins diving award by PADI


Sonaisali Island Resort, Fiji has been selected ahead of a number of International resorts to win The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) annual award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Diving Community”.

Sonaisali Island Resort’s Managing Director, Aaron McGrath, accepts this award with great pride as it not only reflects Sonaisali’s commitment to the marine and dive community, but also to the guests that choose to dive while at Sonaisali.

“We are very proud to accept this award as it shows our PADI facility is built on a foundation of diver safety and quality education. This vision and commitment as a Resort will push us to achieve higher levels of performance.

Sonaisali will continue to contribute responsibly to the diving community, along with striving towards excellence in all areas of day to day operations, being an innovative leader for the dive and tourism industry and our local community.”  Continues Mr McGrath.

Since becoming a PADI Retail and Resort Association member in 1997, Sonaisali Island Resort dive shop has safely introduced thousands of people, many of them first timers, to Fiji’s fantastic underwater world. Divers are not only taught how to dive, but learn about marine environment and how to respect it. As a member of the Mamanuca Environmental Society (MES), which promotes awareness through school and community programs, Sonaisali is committed to monitoring, educating and promoting awareness.

“It is fantastic to be recognized for our efforts as our dive team is committed to providing exceptional customer service with the highest level of safety standards for our divers, whilst ensuring the experience is both enjoyable and fun”. Says Sonaisali Resorts Recreational Manager Mr. Andrew Redfern.

“We conduct small classes and divers receive a lot of individual attention. Sonaisali looks forward to introducing many more visitors to the beautiful coral reefs and amazing fish life in and around the Mamanuca Islands”. Continues Mr Redfern.

Andrew’s previous roles before moving to Fiji included 23 years of Dive and Hospitality Industry experience. With 15 years experience within Fiji Andrew is one of two PADI Course Directors in the country. As a Course Director he has trained almost all of Fiji’s local Dive Instructors, which leaves him as one of the highest ranking professionals within PADI. Andrew brings to the team his extensive marine and dive experience and knowledge, which will continue to contribute and enhance the diving community in Fiji.

4 Star Sonaisali Island Resort is a true island escape, a small green dot in the beautiful South     Pacific Ocean – yet the world you’ve left behind is only a 3 minute boat ride across the lagoon from the Main Island and 25mins drive from Nadi International Airport. Sonaisali is located just a short 30 minute boat ride away from the outer barrier reef of the magic Mamanuca Islands. This means they are able to offer diver’s the best visibility, best coral and fish life and the best chance of seeing big critters such as sharks, rays and turtles that can be found in this region of Fiji.

For more information contact:

Rochelle Stebbing

Sales & Marketing Manager

Sonaisali Island Resort, Fiji

Ph: 679 400 2000 Fax: 679 670 6298



Brooke Tolar

Managing Director

DragonFly PR


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2 Responses to Resort wins diving award by PADI

  1. Tom Bond says:

    This is great news as I am coming to you on holiday in May…can’t wait

  2. Lee Ryan says:

    Bloody well done to all at sonaisali.
    For your Padi award. A lot more islands should follow your example in showing people who dive or snorkel the beauty in all of the worlds oceans. You have some of the best diving in the world out in Fiji.

    The one and only time I was fortunate to be in your resort, I went diving (around 2001) but was still horrified how many people especially those who snorkel used to put their feet down and tread and break all the coral. To someone like myself this is really annoying and totally unexceptable I would make EVERY single person regardless of talent or age wear a floatation vest when they snorkel and the second they put there foot on a piece of coral I would order them out of the water. I guess that’s why il never be in guest realations.

    Anyhow I truly hope things have moved on and improved since my visit and once again well done

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